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At Kilmer Lucas and BioTuesdays, we have had the pleasure to help tell the investment stories of some of the world’s most exciting and innovative healthcare companies. 

Soon after we completed our NASDAQ IPO in June 2016, it became obvious to us that the typical client servicing model employed by our large healthcare-focused IR firm wasn’t a good fit for us. So, we surveyed our network for potential alternatives. Kilmer Lucas’ name, and especially its unique ‘outsourced in-house’ IR department model, came up often in conversations with other industry participants and members of the investment community. We switched to Kilmer Lucas at the beginning of 2017 and have been extremely happy with our decision.
As the demands on us as a public company have grown, Kilmer Lucas has proven to be a trusted partner, anticipating these demands and providing excellent counsel and effective day-to-day execution. It really does feel like we have our own well-tuned investor relations and communications department right down the hall from my office.
— CFO of a biopharmaceutical company based in Atlanta, GA

We have worked with a number of a different healthcare IR/PR firms in the past. While we were generally happy with the scope and quality of their work, their contacts, etc., none were really able to establish themselves as an integral part of our team. So, when Steve explained to us how Kilmer Lucas was different from most other firms, we were intrigued and, admittedly, a little cautious. We also felt that BioTuesdays might potentially prove to be a powerful tool for gaining additional exposure and properly positioning our investment story, but we weren’t sure. It has been three years now since we engaged Kilmer Lucas, and everything has worked out as Steve promised. He and his team have helped us navigate and communicate through a variety of important and complex issues - from a successful AdCom meeting, to a revised PDUFA date, to FDA approval, to an initial commercial roll-out, to a potential change in marketing partner, to an expansion of our drug development pipeline – utilizing a proactive and consultative approach. Today, Kilmer Lucas isn’t really our IR firm as much as it is our IR department.
— CEO of a specialty pharmaceutical company based in San Francisco, CA

Kilmer Lucas is one of a kind. Steve and his team are the most dedicated professionals I have ever worked with. They act as an integral part of the company, providing experience, wisdom and good advice whenever needed. Kilmer Lucas has also accumulated a wide range of contacts over years and is happy to leverage them whenever relevant. Their support of the industry via BioTuesdays is well-known and they have earned the respect of scores of people on both the sell- and buy-sides. On a personal level, a partnership with Kilmer Lucas is like a (good) real-life marriage; they will never abandon you in difficult times and will do everything that is in their power to assist, whatever it takes. Kilmer Lucas’ diversified experience with the capital markets (micro- to large-cap) on one hand and the life science industry (pharma, biotech, device, services) on the other is unique, and another of the firm’s advantages is its global approach. I have enjoyed working with Kilmer Lucas and will surely engage them again in future. In fact, after gaining experience with just about every healthcare-only IR firm out there, I wouldn’t consider switching for a second.
— CSO of a biopharmaceutical company based in Edison, NJ

Early in my career as an analyst, I was often reluctant to rely on IR professionals in lieu of speaking directly with CEOs or CFOs; however, Steve proved to be one of the rare exceptions to the rule. In my current role as an investor relations professional, I’ve come to appreciate his capabilities even more, especially as it pertains to working with early-stage healthcare companies. Whether it be communicating a clear corporate message, or effectively targeting the appropriate investor base, Steve has a unique skill set acquired over many years of working with such companies.
I think of Steve as one of the better IR professionals out there and look forward to future opportunities to work with him.
— VP, Investor Relations of a biotherapeutic company based in San Diego, CA

My first interactions with Steve occurred when he was the head of Investor Relations for TLC Vision. In this role, Steve demonstrated deft command not only of investor relations but also company strategy more broadly. He adopts a holistic approach to building an IR strategy that begins with his deep understanding of the company’s corporate and financial goals. While with TLC, Steve was critical in establishing a deep penetrating IR strategy that made TLC Vision a leading brand name during the launch of the laser vision correction.

I also worked with Steve extensively during the IPO of OccuLogix which was a company being spun out from TLC. It was the first NASDAQ IPO of a non-FDA-approved medical device company in over a decade. Steve lead the transaction team on the IPO and was integral in crafting the marketing plan of the offering. Steve demonstrated leadership in a critical, high pressure transaction, and the ability to manage multiple teams of investment bankers and lawyers. Steve is extremely creative and highly focused on achieving quality results.

I believe that as a founder and Managing Partner of Kilmer Lucas, Steve provides clients with the highest level of quality in client service. He has proven to be truly value-added to clients of mine that have worked with him. He is highly knowledgeable about IR strategy and how it interrelates with the client’s entire business. The feedback from my clients has been high praise and I will continue to recommend him to clients going forward.
— Managing Director of a leading investment bank based in New York, NY