It's simple. To us, the convergence of IR, PR and Social Media is natural. We accomplish it by filtering down all of our efforts and activities into three primary categories - Outreach, Disclosure and Capital Markets.

Strategic Advisory: Kilmer Lucas takes a holistic approach to building a customized IR strategy that begins with a deep understanding of a company’s corporate and financial goals. From there, we work to drive an effective two-way flow of information between the company and the investment community in order to positively influence investor perceptions, maximize stock valuations and lower the cost of capital required to fund growth.

Positioning: Every public company, regardless of industry participation, has a unique investment thesis centered on its growth opportunities, business strategies and competitive advantages. Beyond that, healthcare investors need clear answers to some other important questions: what is the problem; what are the current solutions; how are those solutions lacking; what unmet medical need does that represent; what is the company’s solution; how is the company going to bring that solution to market; and what is the financial potential?  We are experts in helping healthcare companies tell compelling investment stories that drive investor interest instead of just responding to it.

Marketing/Corporate Access: Kilmer Lucas helped pioneer and continues to propagate the idea that a public company should tailor the audience to its message, instead of the other way around. Because of their extensive internal IR experience, our founders also believe companies are best served by working with the sell-side, instead of trying to transcend it. In keeping with that philosophy, Kilmer Lucas works to create and support effective three-way partnerships between itself, its clients and the most relevant bankers, analysts, institutional sales desks and retail stockbrokers. Together, we proactively market our clients' stories to institutional and individual investors across the U.S., Canada and Europe via highly targeted non-deal roadshows and impactful investor events (e.g. conferences, Analyst Days, KOL roundtables, site tours).

Media: Kilmer Lucas is unique in the investor relations industry in that it publishes its own popular healthcare investor news blog, BioTuesdays. As the name implies, we publish a new Feature article every Tuesday morning. We also post Briefs, based on company press releases, analyst actions and interesting events, throughout the week. So far, BioTuesdays has profiled more than 350 life sciences companies, providing invaluable exposure for innovative technologies and compelling investment stories that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Transaction Support: Kilmer Lucas has been especially effective in leveraging our large network of connections and track record of success in the capital markets for the benefit our clients. To-date, we have supported companies in raising more than $2.3 billion through various IPOs and follow-on equity offerings. In addition, Kilmer Lucas has assisted with several U.S. dual-listings and uplistings. Finally, we have helped source and/or complete over two dozen M&A, licensing and partnership transactions.