About Us

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At Kilmer Lucas, our mission is to establish and drive effective two-way flow of information between the investment community, and companies that are busy solving healthcare problems, meeting unmet patient need, and changing treatment paradigms. Through customized, comprehensive IR strategy and tactics that effectively and accurately communicate value proposition and distinct advantages to the right key investors, sell-side analysts, investment bankers and potential collaborators, our clients positively influence investor perceptions, maximize stock valuations and lower the cost of capital to fund growth. Partner with Kilmer Lucas and translate your IR objectives into success. (from Homepage - need reworded a bit)


What Sets Us Apart?

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Employing a unique “outsourced in-house” partnership model, Kilmer Lucas designs and executes customized IR/PR programs for medical device, drug development, cell therapy, diagnostics and healthcare services companies.

While many competing firms are comprised of former bankers and sell-side analysts, Kilmer Lucas is led by senior practitioners with decades of internal IR/PR function experience. To us, that is a fundamental point of differentiation. It gives Kilmer Lucas a unique “inside-looking-out” orientation that drives a proactive communications approach usually only associated with the most well-developed in-house IR/PR departments.



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Stephen Kilmer
Founder & President

Stephen is a healthcare investor relations pioneer, with a 20-year record of success. The foundation of his strong understanding of the capital markets and financial/ business media is his early career experiences as an account director for a leading full-text newswire and as a registered Investment Advisor with two major financial services firms. Stephen’s in-house executive experience includes heading the IR departments of two NASDAQ listed healthcare companies. Stephen left his corporate IR role and founded Kilmer Lucas in 2008.


Leonard Zehr
Managing Director

Len is a managing director at Kilmer Lucas and the editor-in-chief of BioTuesdays. He has over 36 years of experience as a financial journalist, editor and manager with the Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones News Service and the GAM Report on Business, where Len pioneered the development and launch of the newspaper’s Money & Markets section in the early 1990s.


Melane Labelle
Public Relations Lead

Melane is an accomplished corporate communications and public relations executive with over three decades of experience working at global agencies such as Hill + Knowlton, McManus Elliott and Osborn Barr. She blends a keen understanding of the media with analytical and story-telling skills to turn complex scientific and technical information into engaging, easy to understand messages.